My digital marketing portfolio

As a copywriter I've had an extensive career, working with national brands and well-respected independents alike. I currently work full time with the UK's largest CBD brand, a feminine hygiene company, a NHS-approved PPE wholesaler and one of the UK's biggest e-liquid suppliers. Explore each unique brand below.


As the Senior QA for Project EVO at Spark44, my role was to launch the new version of the Jaguar website (see above) in thirty-six markets and with twelve QAs. My core focus was placed on eighteen of these markets, ensuring that all content was audited, carried over successfully, and worked within the new site build. 

By outlining a clear set of quality guidelines of my own creation (which are still in use) and working alongside the team of project managers to create a feasible plan for content carry over, I managed to have all of my websites cleared for launch by JLR senior staff two weeks ahead of schedule. The completion of this project, in turn, resulted in a dramatic upturn in digital engagement for Jaguar.

Vitality CBD

As the Content Manager and Copywriter for Vitality CBD, I have had heavy involvement in conceiving and creating the core messaging for what is now the UK's largest CBD brand. My work in decoding CBD conceptually and destigmatising its association with cannabis led to securing numerous national accounts, including LloydsPharmacy, Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

My approach to content has been influenced massively by Google Analytics and Hotjar data on consumer interaction and conversion rate. This understanding of user engagement has influenced all of our advertising decisions, including rotating website content, what blogs we target for SEO, the tone of our social media posts, and even how our products are packaged and positioned in store.


    In my role as content manager for Vitality CBD I also oversee the content for several other brands in the same portfolio. One of these is BeYou, an ultra-progressive feminine healthcare brand backed by a team of female writers. I was brought on to further distill brand messaging, and to optimise organic content that wasn't performing correctly. My work largely revolves around blocking out content plans, instituting quality guidelines and performing content reviews, across the website, print and packaging.

    In my work at Vitality CBD I was further brought on to establish as a leading competitor in the B2C vape market. This has involved a significant amount of back-end work, including creating individual meta descriptions for over 1,000 different products based on best SEO practices. In order to achieve page one rankings for numerous longtail search terms I have also created valuable, detailed content for key category pages, and a series of tailored blogs designed to elevate page ranking.

    PPE Solution

    PPE Solution is a new venture based on a compassionate desire to meet the needs of the public and public-facing institutions in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. My role has been to give the company clear brand outlines, and to maintain an expert image of the company in all outgoing supporting literature and blog posts. This position has also involved interpreting and adapting to ongoing advice from governmental bodies, and passing that value onto clients, whether that's businesses or individuals.

    Parna Recruitment

    My first freelance commission was with Parna Recruitment. I was hired to construct their brand identity from the ground up, an identity which is outlined succinctly in the four values on their home page: Culture, Precision, Transparency, Consistency. Once I had conferred with the team and established these four tenets, I briefed and created the rest of the copy necessary for their new website so as to fit this image. Since the completion of the project, I've continued to provide them blogs for SEO purposes.